Welcome to the new page of LAOLA1.tv!

We are proud to present you with the new version of our LAOLA1.tv website. We have been working tirelessly to further improve our customer’s experience, so here is a run-down of the most important changes we have made:

  • New Design
    Larger pictures help deliver emotion with greater impact, while clear lineage and an improved overall structure make content easier to find and access.

  • All Channels | My Feed | What’s Hot
    Our new navigation tools allow users to easily search for specific content, view the latest and trending videos/stories/events, or focus on personal interests related to the sport of their choice.

  • App & Mobile Website
    Not only are we offering a brand new app, but our website is now responsive and therefor accessible via mobile web-browsers as well.

  • Video Player
    At the heart of our new site is the new video player, which has been completely redesigned and updated. With the new “Picture in Picture” feature, users can enjoy their very own multi-viewing experience while watching up to 4 streams simultaneously.

Finally and most importantly:

We need your feedback to help develop and improve. What do you think is missing? What can we do better to improve your LAOLA1.tv experience? Take your time and give us your feedback. On every page you can find our Feedback-Button which can be used to take screenshots and send us your ideas.

In return we have a feedback raffle, where senders have a chance of winning a LAOLA1.tv PREMIUM membership.